Pre and Post Natal Body Plan

You’re trying for a baby, have just found out you’re having a baby or have recently given birth and would like to keep your body as healthy, fit and strong as possible during the pregnancy. You want to be able to get your pre pregnancy body back after the birth and remain healthy. You don’t want to try fad diets and are unsure how to exercise safely whilst pregnant or after the birth.
Prior to becoming pregnant you were  physically fit or you have never exercised before but you have since been told that exercise is advisable whist pregnant to help your body become more supple and flexible, not to mention strong. You want to have a smooth pregnancy and a labour with as few problems as possible.
You need the Pre and Post Natal Body Plan

Delivery Plan

You are currently pregnant and are exploring different delivery options. You want to have as pain free and easy a labour as possible and are interested in making it as calm and experience as you can. You are a little bit scared about the whole delivery or you have had a bad experience last time you had a baby and want to be well prepared for when the time comes to meet your little one.
You want to have that extra help and support which will ensure you are in control when the time arrives and you feel safe and secure knowing you are in expert hands.
You need the Delivery Plan

Smooth and Easy Plan

You are currently pregnant or are trying for a baby. You find the whole pregnancy experience scary and are confused by all of the information you have been given. You want to be fit and healthy during your pregnancy and want to have a smooth pregnancy, calm and easy labour and be able to get back in shape quickly afterwards.
You are unsure about what to do for the best, what is safe to do and what is not, especially where exercise is concerned. You want to have a delivery that is pain free and natural in calm surroundings.
You need the Smooth and Easy Plan