Pre and Post Natal Exercies

Most people believe that they can’t or shouldn’t do exercise when they are pregnant. This isn’t entirely true. Current guidelines recommend that you take up exercise whilst pregnant even if you were inactive before conception. The reason for this is to help your body cope with the endurance of pregnancy.

Over 9 months your body goes through some drastic transformations which it needs to adapt for. After childbirth, it all needs to go back to the way it was before. To help this happen, you need to build strength and also focus on your personal fitness level. You need the strength initially to carry an ever growing child, this will reduce the back pain, stress on your overall but particularly your lower body and prevent putting on too much weight during this transition.

Carrying a growing baby is also very tiring. Your overall fitness levels, once improved will help your body cope with the tiredness by increasing your activity endurance. This is also helpful during labour which is not usually just a quick 10 minutes extra effort! Once you have your beautiful baby, after the birth, your body will be able to reduce back to normal in a shorter recovery time if you have remained active during your pregnancy.