Pre and Post Natal FAQs

Below you will find a list of Pre and Post Natal frequently asked questions:

Why should I exercise when I'm pregnant?

To relieve the stress put upon your body during the 40 weeks of pregnancy. It will reduce tiredness, your body will be more supple, flexible and your will have greater endurance to carry out tasks as you will maintain a higher level of fitness. This is all beneficial to the baby.

Does exercising harm the baby?

No. Your baby is protected inside of your body. Providing you follow the correct guidelines and only do the exercise recommended within the trimester of your pregnancy at the time then no harm will come to your unborn child.

Can I just carry on with the exercise I usually do?

In most cases you can initially continue as you have done, at least until the end of the first trimester. Obviously if you do extreme sports then the answer is no but, if you are generally fit and healthy to begin with then continue as you are. An example of this is running. If you are a keen runner you can run at long distance, short sprints, however you train until the end of the first tri...

What if I have never exercised before?

If you have been relatively inactive prior to conception then you will start off with low intensity exercise and can gradually increase this to moderate. A moderate level of exercise can be maintained throughout the whole pregnancy.

Are there any exercises that I should avoid?

Yes. Exercise which involves you lying down on your back should be avoided in the 2nd and third trimester and likewise anything lying on your front. Most exercises done in these positions however, do have an adapted version which can be carried out in an upright or sitting position.

Can I do weight training?

Yes. Lifting weights keeps your body strong and will help you carry your unborn child in a safe way without too much stress on your muscles and joints.

Can I exercise throughout the full term of my pregnancy?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to be still exercising until the day you give birth. I personally was in the gym the day before my daughter was born! As long as you are not challenging yourself too much and are maintaining a moderate level of fitness you can continue throughout the full term.

How soon after giving birth can I take up my exercise again?

This needs to be determined by your consultant. In most cases this is 6 weeks (longer if you have had a caesarean section). You need to allow time for your body to recover from the physical effects of giving birth otherwise you are at risk of haemorrhage.

Can I exercise if I am breast feeding?

Yes. It is recommended that you wear a well fitting sports bra during exercise (this is also recommended during pregnancy). Providing you have been given the all clear by your consultant and are easing into exercise initially then there should be no problem.

How soon will I return to my pre-pregnancy fitness?

If you were in good physical fitness prior to your pregnancy and maintained a good level of fitness during the full term of your pregnancy then you will be able to return to your previous fitness level fairly quickly. Although everyone is different, I would expect you to achieve your pre-pregnancy fitness within 2-3 months.