Why Hypnobirth

I am passionate about Hypnobirth and the definite difference the knowledge of this easy to learn technique makes to the planning and choice of how you are going to birth your precious baby. Calm informed mothers and their partners make for calm happy babies!

Whether your birthing partner is your mother, sister, friend or indeed your life partner, or even a combination of all, I can teach you using all the techniques and understandings of exactly how your birthing body works. Even in between each lesson I am always there at the end of a phone with on going support to guide you on to your planned birth. Even afterwards most of my mums - and their partners- use my tapes and techniques to stay calm and healthy, incorporating it into their daily life.

You and your baby deserve the best possible birth and with Hypnobirth you can achieve this, whether you are intending to birth at home or hospital.

The Technique is soundly and securely based in established physiology, anatomy and psychology, and during our classes you and your birthing partner will learn how to successfully achieve a calm, relaxed and rewarding birth with less intervention.

Studies show that learning the techniques reduces labour time, decreases the need for pain medication and even prevents the possibility of post natal depression.